Frequent urination relief from Icelandic plant

untitledIngvi Hrafn Jonsson is a television celebrity in Iceland and a sufferer of frequent urination. He claims he now has to use the bathroom about once every night – quite disturbing for the majority of people, but Mr. Jonsson says he is actually very pleased. So would most people be if they previously needed to relieve themselves four or five times every night.

Ingvi Jonsson is among the swelling ranks of older gentlemen who have felt the effects of SagaPro firsthand. “I would never have believed that one little tablet before bed would change my life so drastically—from 4 to 5 trips to the toilet every night to one or none at all. I must say SagaPro is a lifesaver for older men. It also helped my wife sleep. She said that sleeping in the same room with me was something akin to sleeping in a train station!” says Mr. Jonsson.

SagaPro is made by a company called SagaMedica, a biotech business in Iceland with expertise in research on Icelandic medicinal herbs.

Research indicates that SagaPro can diminish nocturia (frequent urination at night) in men with a benign enlargement of the prostate gland, thus reducing the number of nightly visits to the bathroom. Bioactive compounds in SagaPro are believed to have a relaxing effect on smooth muscle cells, and this is thought to be one of the reasons for its efficacy. Experiential use has also shown an indication of the same effect on people of both sexes who suffer from an overactive bladder.

SagaPro is created from Icelandic Angelica archangelica; which is a medicinal herb utilised locally for more than 1100 years and claimed to have positive effects on people suffering from a variety of ailments. These beneficial effects have now been explained through research by Dr. Sigmundur Gudbjarnason and associates since 1992.

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