Reykjavik Center Hotels: comfort and convenience

20818-122-150x150If you’ve booked a trip to Iceland and have begun searching around for good Reykjavik hotels, you’ll certainly want to insist on somewhere that’s comfortable and friendly; but don’t forget the importance of location either. Reykjavik has more than enough far-flung places to stay – but is it really wise to rely on buses and painfully expensive taxis when instead you could be staying in the heart of the city?

Five distinct high quality hotels make up Reykjavik’s Center Hotels chain. Each hotel offers a different environment and different style in differing neighbourhoods – but all downtown and surrounded by shops, restaurants, bars, museums and galleries.

Right near the main shopping street, Reykjavik Hotel Klopp is newly refurbished with wooden floors and plush upholstery; the upper floors also enjoy Reykjavik’s inimitable sea views.

The littlest of the Center Hotels is called Hotel Skjaldbreid and is something of a chilled-out haven on Reykjavik’s main shopping street where the city is at its most vibrant. The comfortable communal lounge offers a bright and airy place to read the paper, enjoy free tea and coffee and strike up conversation with fellow travellers.

Meanwhile, those on the lookout for a design hotel in Reykjavik would do well to check out Hotel Thingholt or Hotel Arnarhvoll. Hotel Thingholt is on the edge of Reykjavik’s artistic Thingholt district and uses Icelandic nature as inspiration for a sumptuously unique design experience.

Hotel Arnarhvoll is the youngest in the family and features sumptuous Scandinavian design, stunning sea views and an unforgettable atmosphere. Furthermore, Arnarhvoll’s Panorama Restaurant might just be one of the best and most ambitious eateries in Iceland.

Lastly comes Hotel Plaza, a respected and recently refitted lodging right in the heart of Reykjavik’s old town. Hotel Plaza provides uncomplicated comfortable surroundings with excellent service and even better location.

So remember next time you’re organising a holiday to Reykjavik, it’s so much more convenient and enjoyable to stay in the city centre. From then it’s simply a question of deciding which of the five Center Hotels best suits your personality!

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