Ultimate Iceland tours from High North

Iceland-AdventureinIceland holidays are usually somewhat exciting: how could they not be with the massive landscapes, the powerful waterfalls and the amazing geysers and hot springs? All these features combine to make Iceland unlike anywhere else. However, all the unique terrain means coach tours are of limited use; and a few days spent just in pretty Reykjavik City won’t give you a proper taste of Iceland either. For a real Iceland adventure a thrilling super jeep safari is what you need!

High North offers unique tours in Iceland and their highly experienced and good natured team of guides and well-equipped super jeeps mean they can organise almost any sort of tour for almost anyone.

High North provides both DIY and pre-planned Iceland tours which show Iceland off with a unique twist. For example, the eternally popular Golden Circle tour includes off-roading to the top of a glacier and optional snowmobiling – something no coach tour could ever dare do!

The Ultimate Iceland tour must surely be the high point for anyone on an Iceland vacation. It includes many of the country’s unique features: towering waterfalls, lava caves, a glacier, off road driving in the highlands, a truly immense hot spring and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge running through Iceland’s most famous and popular national park.

High North is always pleased to allow customers the chance to change and adapt their tours to their personal desires. This runs from adding a single extra stop to a package tour all the way up to creating your very own personal Iceland adventure from scratch.

For example, if you are looking for the chance to go fly fishing in some of Iceland’s best and remotest salmon fishing rivers, High North can arrange it. If you want to trace the footsteps of the Viking saga heroes, just ask High North. In fact High North could probably even arrange a tour of Iceland’s most fascinating garden sheds if you really wanted…

So. Wrapping things up, in conclusion, and to summarise: High North offers the most exciting way to tour Iceland. In a nutshell.

They are always happy to let you tailor your tour to suit your tastes, burning desires and even just whims; and the weakness of the local currency means you can probably afford the luxury of a private tour even if you couldn’t this time last year.

Further details on High North jeep safari tours in Iceland can be found at www.highnorth.is


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