Greenland becomes a self ruling nation

21-morgen_8422Greenland celebrated the beginning of Self Rule from Denmark yesterday. While differences on a daily basis will be few, the move gives Greenland a renewed sense of nationhood and gradually increasing control over its own destiny, including policing, justice and 50 percent of energy and mineral revenues.

The other 50 percent will go to Denmark and be set against the massive annual grant Greenland receives and relies upon. It is hoped though that increased energy and mineral exploitation could one day eliminate the need for the grant and pave the way for full independence. Symbolically, Greenlandic is now the country’s official language and the Danish government has to refer to Greenland’s parliament by its Greenlandic name for the first time. These small differences make a huge difference for such a tiny nation.

Celebrations in Nuuk yesterday, the capital of the 58,000 strong nation, included dignitaries from 17 countries around the world. Guests included the Icelandic president and the Queen of Denmark, who handed over the Self Rule documents in a solemn ceremony.

(Photo: Queen Margarethe and Greenlandic premier Kuupik Kleist. Photo

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