Chitosan from Iceland providing versatile solutions

liposan-pillsPrimex, from northern Iceland, is a marine biotechnology company and world-leader in the field of chitin and chitosan derivative research and production. Chitosan is a very versatile natural ingredient with a still-growing list of uses across a wide variety of sectors.

Produced from North Atlantic shrimp shells, chitosan is perfectly suited for conditions in North Iceland, where the nutrient-rich seas mean plenty of shrimps and the lack of pollution means some of the purest chitosan in the world.

Among Primex chitosan’s versatile uses is as a natural dietary supplement. Primex has created LipoSan Ultra® – natural weight loss supplement made by mixing chitosan and succinic acid. LipoSan Ultra® is scientifically proven to bind with fats in the stomach and then expel them as waste – meaning an effective, simple and safe way to reduce body weight.

By adding the succinic acid to the chitosan, LipoSan Ultra® completely dissolves and begins binding with dietary fats in the stomach after just five minutes. Users of regular chitosan have to wait as much as two hours for effective results.

Primex has named its brand of pure chitosan ChitoClear™. Pure chitosan is proving to be an incredibly versatile ingredient. ChitoClear™ has applications in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and dietary supplements.

ChitoClear™ is also becoming well-known as a fantastic aid to healing wounds. Because it is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral, but is also naturally non-toxic, tasteless, colourless and odourless; its uses are widespread and its ability to staunch moderate to severe bleeding is already saving lives.

Primex has had its modern R&D and production facility in Siglufjordur, North Iceland Since 1999. Fully equipped with modern sophisticated computerised equipment, the plant is able to deliver consistent product quality all year round.
Regular ‘key parameter analysis’ reveal that Primex products are equal to, or purer than, any other chitosan on the market in all key areas.
More information on Primex chitins and chitosan derivatives are available at And information on Primex’s revolutionary LipoSan Ultra® natural weight control supplement can be found at


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