Icelandic sitcom set for USA remake

naeturvaktin_posterOne of the most popular Icelandic sitcoms to date, Naeturvaktin (The Night Shift) is set to be remade for American audiences.

The programme follows the story of three graveyard shift employees at a petrol station and centres on their boredom tackling antics and the succession of weird and wonderful customers who frequent such late night shopping emporia.

The rights to the series have been acquired by Reveille Productions, the company behind the successful US remakes of comedies Ugly Betty and The Office.

“‘The Nightshift’ is that rare international format that has American sensibility, and we’re eager to tackle another workplace comedy after the success of ‘The Office,'” Howard Owens, managing director of Reveille said to Reuters. “The show has a smart, ironic point of view, which we know will translate well in the U.S.”

The Night Shift was produced by Saga Film and premiered on Stod 2 in 2007 to rave reviews. The programme spawned a second series called Dagvaktin, or the Day Shift, which follows farm workers and also proved popular. The third part, Fangavaktin (English title: The Jail Shift) is now in the making and will be shown on Stod 2 this September and a film called Bjarnfredarson based on the series will be shot next month.

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