Online Iceland phone book in English for first time

fireshot-capture-156-leit-a-korti-ja-er-svaric3b0-ja_is_kort_qindex_id3a1349710x363724y405681z9Iceland’s unusually comprehensive phonebook has been around for more than a hundred years and has also been available online since 2005. It has since become one of the most used websites in the country. The telephone and general information site has recently undergone a redesign and is now available in English for the first time, along with a huge selection of helpful new features.

Following the latest redesign, is now a good general site for Iceland travel information, with details of almost every business and individual in the land at the click of a mouse. The Yellow Pages of Iceland offers a quick and reliable way to find details of companies and individuals all over Iceland.

Searched for information can be carried out by geographical location, by name, or by category and results include name, telephone, fax, email, street address and website.

All entries are also available plotted on a convenient and accurate map of Iceland which can be switched seamlessly between graphic and aerial photo mode, thanks to GPS location technology. Iceland maps are a source of more general travel information as well, because users can quickly see the locations of all the best fishing spots in Iceland and where all the golf courses and campsites are, as well as hospitals police stations and petrol stations as well.

One of the other useful tools on the newest version of is the VCard, which allows users to get information sent to them direct to their email software, such as Outlook or Notes.

Business entries come with the addition of other crucial information for users, including registration details such as social security number, official headquarters address, VAT number and business type.

The makers of took the site overhaul extremely seriously. As 86 percent of Icelanders regularly use the website and it has become an important part of daily life, there was no room for error. The new English option now brings the best way of getting information about Iceland to a whole new audience: namely all the many people in Iceland who do not speak Icelandic.

Those in the country just to visit Iceland have already become acquainted with and finding it a liberating tool in finding what they need in an unfamiliar new country.

Iceland’s answer to the Yellow Pages is available now at


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