No final agreement for new Greenland government just yet

kuupik-kleist-gl-premier1Greenland’s new premier, Kuupik Kleist may have managed to form a three party coalition agreement in just six days (compared to the expected 45) but there is still no official confirmation of who the cabinet ministers will be.

Kleist’s Inuit Ataqatigiit (Eskimo Brotherhood) is the biggest party and will form a majority coalition with Demokraatit and the sole KP MP.

Demokraatit has already confirmed that its leader, Jens B. Frederiksen will be Vice Premier and Minister for Housing and Infrastructure, while his colleague, Palle Christiansen will be Finance Minister, Sermitsiaq reports.

According to Frederiksen, ministerial positions were decided solely on who was best for which job.

KP’s only MP, Anthon Frederiksen is still not sure whether he has secured a ministerial role.

This is the first time in Greenland’s 30 years of home rule that Siumut has not been in power.