Sweden Foreign Minister praises Iceland progress

carl-bildt-swe-foreigh-min1The Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Carl Bildt who is currently in Reykjavik at a meeting of the Nordic foreign ministers says on his blog: “Alla dessa dagar,” that Iceland seems to be on the right track to economic recovery.

He recognises that the Icelandic economic crisis is not over but that the IMF programme is moving forward and the nation is thereby regaining its economic grip. He points out that the highly important fishing industry is well developed and full of future potential. He also mentions the tourist industry which is increasing steadily, adding that Iceland is well worth as visit.

Bildt also attributes some of the improvements in the Icelandic economy to the loans that were given to Iceland by the Nordic countries. He points out that the combined sum which was loaned by the Nordic countries was actually larger than the IMF loan.

While recognising that the question of EU membership is an Icelandic internal affair, Bildt says he welcomes Icelandic membership and expresses hopes for an application during the upcoming Swedish presidency of the European Union. Saying that Sweden would do everything it can to help Iceland become a member.

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