Finland gales force power grids to fail

pylonThis week’s high winds in Finland have left thousands of homes without power and engineers struggling to get supplied reconnected.

Among the worst hit areas were Savo in eastern Finland, where at least 4,000 people are still without electricity this morning, SIKUnews reports.

In northern Karelia, a further 3,000 are still waiting for renewed power supplies; but utility companies are not promising reconnection until this evening.

Meanwhile, power supplies cut by the severe stormy weather in the Tampere region were reconnected by Thursday. In central Finland there were around 7,000 households cut off by the weather and resupplied before the end of Thursday.

In the Savo region alone, around 32,000 houses suffered from the power cut and buses had to be drafted to replace trains between Kuopio and Pieksamaki after a fallen tree blocked the railway lines.

In Northern Karelia, some 28,000 households were still without power on Thursday evening.