Today is Whit Monday

imagesToday is Whit Monday, the day after Whitsun, sometimes known as Pentecost.

The day is celebrated as a public holiday in many countries, including Denmark, Norway and Iceland. Many workplaces are closed today in those countries and people take the day to enjoy recreational activities.

Whit Monday is a traditional day for baptisms. Pentecost itself is celebrated fifty days after Easter and is one of the traditional feasts of the Christian calendar.

Whit Monday is not celebrated in Sweden, where it has been replaced by National Day on the 6th. As Whit Monday always falls on a Monday and the 6th of June sometimes comes at the weekend (like this year) it means an overall reduction in the number of public holidays in Sweden since 2005. The move angered some unions.

But Sweden has it better than Finland, where Whitsun is celebrated as a public holiday instead of Whit Monday – the flaw being that most workplaces are closed on Sundays anyway…

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