Special tours offered by Iceland travel firm

thingvallavatn-0509Every Iceland vacation should include some time away from the city in the country’s otherworldly nature. Now there is a tour company offering good value Iceland holidays showing the country from a new and exciting perspective.

High North is a cutting edge tour provider in Iceland which organises trips for private groups, individuals and families in the biggest, meanest super jeeps with the friendliest, most expert guides.

By turning to High North for ideas and advice on your Iceland vacation, you are guaranteeing yourself a truly unique experience at a very reasonable price. No two tours are ever the same and the only thing that’s guaranteed is a good time.

There is a range of ‘off the shelf’ tours High North has created to showcase many of South Iceland’s most amazing sights. But even the package tours differ according to weather, time of day, time of year and the whim of everyone in the car: you are encouraged to tailor the trip to your desires.

As a simple example, let’s imagine you say: “I’d like to go and see a steaming hot lake on the way back.” The High North guide will probably reply: “That’s a great idea, let’s go!” It’s just that simple.

Even without special detours, High North still always manages to provide something you’ll never get on a bus tour. Take the Golden Circle as an example. The Golden Circle tour is a staple for almost everyone to ever visit Iceland; but it is a tour given a unique new twist by High North.

In addition to Thingvellir National Park, the hot springs at Geysir and the spectacular Gullfoss waterfall, High North also takes you off road out into the desolate and majestic highlands and even drives you up on to Langjokull Glacier – thereby turning a pleasant and interesting day trip into a truly thrilling experience you’ll never forget!

The folks at High North also love creating custom made Iceland holidays, providing almost limitless freedom. The options are restricted only by the visitor’s imagination, and certainly not by the abilities of the off-road vehicles or their experienced drivers.

If you’re an enthusiastic twitcher with a week to spare bird watching in Iceland, High North will take you to all the best, least visited and out of the way places to get you close to nature. The same is true if you have three days to spend salmon fishing or nine-and-a-half days to examine old Icelandic country churches.

For more Iceland travel tips, and a large photo gallery, visit www.highnorth.is

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