Pierce Brosnan urges US action against whaling

humback-oliThe Irish actor Pierce Brosnan visited the White House in Washington DC yesterday and used the opportunity to urge American leaders to start serious negotiations with Iceland, Japan and Norway on the subject of whaling.

“The administration and the President is very sensitive and forward thinking to the cause,” said Brosnan, who did not meet the President personally. “Most people think they’ve been saved but they haven’t. The slaughter still goes on.”

Brosnan, famous for playing James Bond and for his singing role in Mama Mia! is reported to have been a real hit at the White House yesterday, according to mbl.is. He told the media how happy he was to have had the opportunity to visit the house and talk about a topic he holds dear.

The actor is currently working on an adventure film with Uma Thurman and Sean Bean.

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