Nordic alcohol: Finland drinks most, Iceland least

beerThe Finns drink the most alcohol in the Nordic countries, according to research published by the Finland’s Directorate of Health. According to the research, the Icelanders drink the least alcohol of any Nordic nation.

Until now, the Danes have most often been the booziest Northerners; but things have changed. The latest results show that each Finn drinks 10.4 litres of alcohol per year compared to 10 litres for the Danes. Each Swede drinks around eight litres and the Norwegians and Icelanders roughly six.

The research conducted by the Finnish Directorate of Health does not point to an unusual amount of daytime drinking in Finland; but rather to high consumption in the evenings and at weekends. The recent increase in alcohol consumption is apparently particularly noticeable among the older generation. Deaths from alcohol-related illnesses have increased.

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