Greenlandic newspaper Atuagagdliutit – Grønlandsposten opens new website

Inga Dora G. MarkussenThe Greenlandic newspaper Atuagagdliutit – Grønlandsposten has gone live with its new website,, which has been in development over recent months in co-operation with Nordic eMarketing. The website is set up using the DaCoda content management system, and is specially designed for Greenlandic conditions; for example the fact that all items on the site must appear in both Greenlandic and Danish.

Atuagagdliutit, which was established in 1861, is among the world’s oldest newspapers still in publication. Nordic eMarketing was enlisted to help create the new website in a time when online news distribution is becoming almost essential for traditional newspapers. Previously Nordic eMarketing has worked on similar projects for, Icelands largest news portal and Viðskiptabladid, Icelands leading business news paper.

Greenland’s switch to home government, the country’s full-independence movement and climate change are just three reasons that reliable daily news distribution in Greenland has never been more popular or important.

For geographical reasons, printed newspapers are only distributed once or twice a week and must be sent to villages and settlements all along the Greenlandic coast. Greenland has a coast some 39,330 km long, which is nearly the same as the straight line distance around the earth’s equator!

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