Copenhagen allocates big cash for social services

danish-kronerCopenhagen’s city council has decided to allocate an extra 400 million kroner from what’s left of the 2008 city budget to implement a number of social initiatives. Childcare is top of the list, receiving an additional 277 million kroner to its budget to make sure there are sufficient childcare facilities in the Danish capital.

Copenhagen’s child population is booming, and the city wants to build more day care centres to allow parents to have access to childcare within 4km of their home. The Copenhagen Post reports that in February the city council discovered there were 625 more children than they expected who were eligible for the ‘childcare guarantee’ programme. This was resulting in overcrowded nurseries, so the council decided to act.

While awaiting completion of the new day care facilities, the council will introduce a series of temporary measures to deal with the overcrowding issue. Other social initiatives that are due to receive more funding include an extra 22 million kroner for services that help the physically and mentally disabled.

Another 70 million kroner from the 2008 budget leftovers will to be used to fireproof protected buildings, reintroduce the health treatment guarantee, and support the elderly and health care sector. The unemployed, climate change and special events such as the World Outgames are also slated for additional funding.