EVE Online celebrates birthday landmark

confused_computer_keyboardActive users of the Icelandic online role playing game EVE Online, which is created by the Reykjavik-based CCP technology company, have now passed the 300,000 mark, according to mbl.is. The company expects the number of EVE Online players around the world to exceed the number of people in Iceland before long.

The news came from a press release CCP issued in celebration of the popular online game’s sixth birthday. The press release was careful to point out that the number does not include players currently enjoying a free introductory period.

EVE Online is based on communications between players in an imaginary outer space environment. EVE’s usage record currently stands at 53,850 – that is to say that at one time 53,850 people were online playing together, which is roughly the combined populations of Kopavogur and Hafnarfjordur.

EVE Online’s competitors do not have all players together on one server; meaning that the game’s bigger competitors actually have fewer players competing against each other as they are split onto multiple servers.

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