Swedish parishioners create giant Lego Jesus

christianityThe celebration of Easter took on a more youthful look this year at one church in Sweden that built a giant statue of Jesus out of Lego blocks. The impressive creation was pieced together at the Onsta Gryta Protestant church in the central Swedish town of Vasteras.

The statue of Jesus is a replica of Danish/Icelandic sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen’s “Christus,” which is on display in the Danish capital, Copenhagen. Nearly all of the 30,000 Lego blocks used in the 1.8-metre tall statue were donated from local people. The 40 volunteers who undertook the task needed 18 months to put all the little plastic Lego pieces together, according to the AP newswire.

In the end, their handiwork shows a life-size image of Jesus facing into the congregation with his arms outstretched. The exterior blocks are all pure white, but those on the inside are made up of many different colours. More than just fillers, those multi-coloured blocks on the inside of Jesus could be seen to have a more symbolic meaning.

At the Sunday Easter service in the Protestant church around 400 worshippers filled the building to capacity. The statue was placed behind the altar for everyone to admire, which perhaps generated more distraction than the pastor would have liked. Many of the children flocked to the Lego statue before and after the service to get a touch of the giant white plastic Jesus.

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