Another successful RIMC over

rimc1The fourth annual RIMC (Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference) took place on Friday at the Grand Hotel Reykjavik. Despite selling out, the conference maintained a fairly intimate feel and its line up of international speakers instantly got positive feedback from the approximately 150 guests in attendance.

Some members of the IceNews team were at the conference trying to find out some ways to improve this site and keep up the increase in visitor numbers.

Despite all the useful technological pointers from speakers including Google’s Adam Lasnik and Mel Carson from Microsoft, one of the biggest mottos remains: ‘content is king’. Basically, fill your website with good stuff and there is a good chance people will come and read it.

To this end, we are fairly satisfied that IceNews has been on the right track – but we are also going to make an extra special effort to post even more and better content in the future.