To the Class of 2009: Mango seeds don’t need soil to grow

mango-seeds-growing-on-waterAn IceNews reader submitted the following uplifting and thought provoking 200-word short essay on the global economy.

Mango seeds don’t need soil to grow, only water. The soil is to hold it upright.

Water gives it internal oxygenation needed to grow or the mango tree will dry up.

But what does that mean, for students who graduated from high school or college?

Even with the news reporting the bad economies all over the world and with the biggest corporations in the world being bailed out by governments not just in America, don’t believe the fortune-tellers predicting you don’t have a future. You determine your future, not government and not corporations. Especially not the news.

My thought is: Why would I want big governments if big corporations can’t work?

Isn’t the president of a country an executive making executive decisions?

Small might be better.

Small businesses will grow like mango seeds without topsoil. As it gets bigger, it might need soil eventually or clamps that don’t hinder growth with the roots in a pool of water or ceramic pebbles to hold the plant in place.

Dream the possibilities. Don’t accept the failures of others.

Failure is additional knowledge for future success.

Congratulations 2009! Just keep watering the mango tree, study and learn to succeed. It’s a lifetime ambition.

By Daniel Escurel Occeño, a writer for children in the Philippines

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