Icelandic banks secretly buying fishing permits?

bolungarvikAs reported on IceNews, the Rod Fishing Association of Seydisfjordur confirmed a few weeks ago that when it pressed the banks on whether they would be purchasing their usual fishing licences this year, they all replied that they would not. But new information in the latest amateur flying newsletter means the story may not have been as simple as it seemed.

The newsletter says that information sourced on the fishing website, suggests that the banks have been secretly buying expensive fishing permits for executives. reports that the allegations are based on gossip, but also states that the chorus of supporting voices is getting louder. The following has, for example, appeared on the site’s message board this week:

“Dear friends, I have heard that the banks have not totally stopped buying up salmon fishing permits, rather they have just changed the process slightly. Now the tour guides buy the permits and submit the bills as “advisers”. Considering that the public owns the banks now, we should really get to the bottom of this issue.”

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