Norway reverses its stance on hijab in the police force

muslim-girl1It seems that Denmark will no longer be the odd man out when it comes to the issue of hijabs in the national police force. Norway had previously been progressing towards making it legal for Muslim women in their national police force to wear a hijab, or traditional headscarf, while on duty. But now the government is backtracking on the controversial issue.

Knut Storberget, Norway’s Justice Minister, has withdrawn the proposal he previously submitted to the Norwegian government to allow the headscarf to be worn with the Norwegian police uniform. His decision to retract the bill comes from heavy pressure by certain factions within the police force, the political opposition, as well as three of the parties in the current government coalition.

The Norway Post said that Storberget made the announcement at a recent press conference. He admitted that the Justice Ministry had earlier accepted the proposal from the Police Directorate to allow the hijab to be worn while on duty, and accepted responsibility for the reversal.

The main goal of the original proposal was to encourage broader recruitment in the police force. For now the police dress code will remain universal to all officers.

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