Copenhagen’s sexiest museum closing shop?

saleWith the Copenhagen City Council pulling its funding this year and a group of private investors backing out of a pending deal, it looks like Copenhagen’s Museum Erotica may be closing down. The sex-centred museum is facing bankruptcy if no one else steps forward to provide the cash to keep this unique venue open to the public.

Hanne Stensgaard, the museum’s chief executive, told the Copenhagen Post the museum may have to sell off its collection of more than 1,500 erotic artefacts. The museum is stuck in the middle of a big renovation project, but has fallen almost three million kroner short of the mark needed to finish.

“We’ve been hopeful [of securing investors] for a long time and miracles can happen, but if we don’t get the funding within a week, we will have to close,” Stensgaard told the newspaper. If they close, the extensive collection will have to be auctioned. The Museum Erotica was planning its 15th anniversary celebrations since it opened on Kobmagergade Street in the heart of Copenhagen.

“We think it’s very important that people know about sexual and erotic history as it defines many gender roles today,” said Stensgaard. The year 2008 was also erotically significant in that it marked the 40th anniversary of Denmark’s legalisation of pornography.

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