Iceland’s ‘figurehead’ president has important decision to make

reykjavik_althing2The president of Iceland, Olafur Ragnar Grimsson is still in the last of his meetings with political party leaders which started at 21.00 this evening.

He will use the meetings to try to work out a way forward for the government. As the Social Democrats, the Left Greens and the Progressives all support the idea of a minority coalition between the Social Democrats and the Left Green Party with Progressive Party support, that seems like the President’s most obvious choice as things stand.

Such a coalition would probably make bringing the general election forward from the scheduled 9th May one of its first priorities.

However, if the President does not feel there is a suitable solution in sight, he could theoretically dissolve parliament altogether and call new elections, which would (presumably) take place long before 9th May.

Given the unprecedented nature of today’s events, it is not yet possible to say when there will be a firm decision; but it looks increasingly likely a decision will not be announced until tomorrow.

More details on IceNews as they come.

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