Orange to soothe the Reykjavik streets?

buddhismA new protest movement has been started in Iceland, reports: the Orange Protesters. A statement from the group says that Orange is a peaceful group of protesters, made up of people opposed to the violence of the last few days.

An Orange representative met with a police representative on Thursday to explain that protesters wearing orange clothes will be peaceful and oppose violence. Orange clothes will be the equivalent of a white flag to mark out peaceful protesters, the movement says.

The group’s statement says that orange is a peaceful symbol of change. The Orange Protesters endorse allowing Icelanders to vote for a new government as soon as possible. The Orange group says it does not support any particular political party, and orange is not a colour associated with any Icelandic party.

The group encourages all peaceful protesters to mark themselves orange and show that they are taking part in a peaceful protest, without violence and without extremism.

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