Icelandic woman killed in USA

American FlagA retired New York State police officer killed his Icelandic wife last Wednesday and then himself soon after posting bail. Police found Isol Cotto dead from a gunshot wound in a bedroom at her home and Mr. Cotto was later found dead at a nearby petrol station after turning the gun on himself.

According to reports the woman had been living in the US for some 30 years and been married to William Cotto for 20 years. He had filed for a divorce in 2005, but later withdrew the application and the case was closed in 2006. He retired as a state police officer in 2008.

The day before killing his wife, Mr. Cotto was jailed for harassing her and when arrested state police said they had taken away all weapons known to be possessed by him, including a shotgun, some knives and billy clubs. It is still unclear where Cotto obtained the weapon he used when shooting his wife. reports that Neighbours often reported them quarrelling and especially intensely the day before the killing. Isol Cotto’s body was discovered by their daughter soon after the shooting happened.