“Only buy Icelandic cod!”


“Stop buying cod except that which comes from the Arctic Ocean or from Iceland.” These are the words of an appeal from the independent French seafood organisation, L’Alliance produits de la mer.

MBL.is reports that the appeal is meant for fish wholesalers, restaurateurs and fishmongers in France, Belgium and Switzerland. They want to encourage “responsible” fish buying from “responsible” fisheries.

The organisation has interest in all areas of the seafood trade and says that fish consumption is very good for human health – but that we also have a responsibility to think of the health of the sea. They say that cod stocks are massively overexploited in the Northeast Atlantic, except in the Arctic and around Iceland.

Instead of putting the whole species on a black list, they recommend directing people’s attention to more environmentally sound fishing and processing in cooperation with all interested parties in the French seafood industry.

The original guide in French can be seen here: http://www.seafoodchoices.org/resources/documents/FrenchSpeciesGuide_RevisedFinal.pdf

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