Krona tops and euro also good

eurosAfter trading very well over recent days, the Icelandic krona has weakened slightly today, in trading New Glitnir describes as “very light”.

At 14.11 Glitnir was selling the dollar at ISK 116.95 – a 1.9 percent drop on yesterday. Glitnir was selling the euro at ISK 151.64 – 2.8 percent drop on yesterday’s close. The krona remains, however, considerably stronger than when trading recommenced last week.

Olli Rehn, European Union expansion head, said in a video conference with Reykjavik University yesterday that Iceland and Croatia could end up racing each other to be the 28th EU member state.

Former Swedish Prime Minister Goran Persson said in a conference at the University of Iceland yesterday that it would be a good thing for Iceland to join the EU.

He said that the Icelandic economy, and especially the krona, could not be sure of long term security outside the union. He said that Sweden would look very different today if it had not been fortunate enough to join 13 years ago.

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