Teen joy ride ends in European police chase

180px-nordicpassportunionLike something out of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, three Norwegian teenagers stole two cars from outside a house in Figgjo, and headed through Scandinavia on the joy ride of their lives. After one of the cars, a Renault Laguna ran of out fuel the two boys and one girl piled into the Volvo and drove around for hours until returning to Algard, where they learned the police were looking for them.

The newspaper Aftenbladet reported that instead of facing up to the music, the three decided to gun it straight south, out of Scandinavia and as far across Europe as they could. The car made it through Sweden and Denmark before entering Germany. It was at least half way down Germany that they were finally caught by German police in Frankfurt.

The three teens spent a day in a jail cell before being returned home by the German Child Welfare Service. The ringleader of the 17 year-olds pleaded guilty at the courthouse in Jaeren, and was sentenced for burglary, car-theft and driving without a licence. He was sentenced to 55 days of community service, and has to pay a hefty fine for the insurance company to haul the stolen cars back to their rightful owner in Sandnes.

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