Greenland may be getting an early election

greenland-coat-of-armsGreenland’s coalition government appears to be falling apart as it faces a growing number of problems that it doesn’t seem to be able to address. Sermitsiaq reports that a referendum on extending the home rule government’s autonomy from Denmark today, Tuesday 25 November could result in an early election call. Greenland Premier Hans Enoksen has the power to call for an early election if he feels it will be to his side’s advantage.

Greenland’s Audit Commission recently criticised four government ministers over their mishandling of public affairs. One minister, Aqqalu Abelsen, has already been forced out of the government as its Family and Health Minister. By calling for a snap election, Enoksen could help the other four ministers in his party avoid the same fate.

Self-rule will ultimately be the platform that Enoksen uses in his campaign if he decides to call for a quick election, which could happen as soon as 28 November, the last working day of Parliament. A public vote in favour of self-rule would likely have a knock-on effect helping the premier’s Siumut Party retain what power it has, suggests the Sermitsiaq newspaper.

The Siumut Party played a major role in negotiating the self-rule agreement with Denmark earlier this year. The Siumut and Atassut parties have 17 members in Parliament between them, as compared to the 14 members of the opposition. It could be a risky move to call a snap election, but now could be the ideal moment to solidify Enoken’s position.

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