Ryanair strikes back at stuffy Swedes

planeIn an attempt to lighten the mood of stuffy “anti-fun” Swedish politicians, Ireland-based budget carrier Ryanair has responded to outrage over an allegedly sexist advertising campaign by sending copies of its sexy 2009 cabin crew calendar to certain Swedish politicians. The money raised from the calendar sales will go to charity.

Undoubtedly the first person to receive their 2009 Ryanair calendar in the mail will be Liberal Party politician Birgitta Ohlsson, a self-described feminist who launched a campaign last month urging Swedish travellers to boycott Ryanair over an advert that featured an attractive woman wearing a dainty school uniform.

Stephen McNamara, Ryanair’s spokesman, told The Local newspaper “we’re expecting [Ohlsson’s] usual ‘anti-fun’ response. I’m sure Birgitta will hate it. She probably has pictures of pussy cats and dogs running through fields up on her walls. However, it would be pretty difficult to shift that sort of calendar on our flights.”

The calendar in question is called ‘The Girls of Ryanair’ and features 12 well-oiled female cabin crew members wearing much less than you’ll find if you actually take a Ryanair flight. “I can’t see what the problem is,” McNamara continued. “There are a huge number of similar calendars on the market and it’s raising money for charity. I don’t think it’s any different to a calendar showing firemen or rugby players.”

Sweden’s advertising industry regulator, ERK, which focuses on the regulation of sexist adverts, will also be receiving several copies of the Ryanair calendar. When asked about the possibility of a male version of the calendar, McNamara simply replied, “Our male staff aren’t good looking enough and it wouldn’t really appeal to our target audience.”

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