Denmark still on Islamist hit list

gunAccording to the Danish intelligence service, Islamist extremists still have Denmark and Danes living abroad in their sights. The Danish Security and Intelligence Service has seen indications of mounting threats from Islamist militants in North Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the Middle East.

Denmark’s situation stems directly from the 2006 cartoon that was run in Danish newspapers depicting the Prophet Mohammed in a poor light. Although this was more than two years ago, the militants have not forgotten, and a recent reprint (on 13 February) of the cartoon has only aggravated the situation again.

The intelligence agency says al-Qaeda has been using the latest cartoon printing to stir up animosity within its ranks. “Statements from leading al-Qaeda members underline al-Qaeda’s strategic focus on Denmark and contributes to maintaining militant extremists’ focus on Denmark and Danish interests,” the intelligence agency’s centre for terror analysis said in a public assessment.

In June a car bomb was detonated outside the Danish Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, killing six people. The AP news agency reports that since 2005, Danish police have foiled at least four known terrorist attacks involving local Danish extremists who were preparing terror plots within Denmark. Because Danish military forces are still active in Afghanistan, the intelligence service feels there is still a very viable threat on Danish soil.

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