Pasadena Flowers in the Netherlands

Bieltvedt: By the seaArnor Bieltvedt, an Icelandic artist is having a solo exhibition of oil paintings at the internationally renowned Beeldkracht Gallery in the Netherlands.

Arnor’s paintings are influenced by his childhood memories of the spectacular Icelandic landscape and folklore, as well as a new found appreciation for the exotic beauty of Southern California.

Arnor relies on the power of intuition and imagination in his work. His painting technique is reminiscent of the direct, open and flexible approach of the Abstract Expressionists. Arnor’s unique painting technique incorporates the novel use of paint rollers and permanent markers and building of depth and texture through the initial use of acrylic paint layers and stains, followed by finishing touches in oils. His paintings invoke an unfolding topography of a cool Nordic landscape inhibited by exotic Southern California flowers.

Further images of the art work by Arnor Bieltvedt can be viewed at .