Icelandic container ships low in the water

iceland-sattelite2The Icelandic Eimskip container ship, Dettifoss set off for the European mainland late last week totally full. The ship is stopping at Reydarfjordur and the Faroe Islands on the way. Unusually for ships leaving Iceland, Dettifoss was loaded with many diggers and other construction machinery, reports.

“This is the first time I can remember when the ship is so full on the way out that there are goods in every single container,” said Heidrun Jonsdottir, Eimskip spokeswoman.

“At the same time that imports have reduced over the last weeks, exports have grown,” Jonsdottir said.

“A couple of things are happening to increase the exports. One is that a lot of used heavy machinery and construction equipment is being sold abroad,” Jonsdottir explains.

She also mentions HEKLA car dealership’s decision to export used cars from Iceland with free shipping to customers in Northern Europe on the specially created Nordic Car Sale website. “But there is still a bit of a pause on that at the moment while both buyers and sellers wait to find out if the government is going to refund tax and duty on cars leaving Iceland,” Jonsdottir continues.

Onboard Dettifoss there were 4,300 tonnes of aluminium and 5,700 tonnes of other goods.

Anna Gudny Aradottir, Marketing Manager at Samskip, Eimskip’s biggest rival shipping company, said there has been little room on their ships for goods other than aluminium and fish. “Our ships have been full of aluminium and seafood products. We have not been exporting much in the way of heavy machinery,” she says.

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