IMF loan to Iceland blocked by Dutch and British

European Parliament in BrusselsWouter Bos, Dutch Minister of Finance, and his British counterpart Alistair Darling are blocking a €2.1bn loan from the International Monetary Fund to Iceland, Dutch paper NRC reports.

Both MPs have set a condition for Iceland to pay back citizens the money they deposited to Icesave.

On Thursday Geir H. Haarde, the Icelandic Prime Minister, said that the IMF loan and the finding of a solution to reimburse Icesave clients “are two separate things” and should not be linked.

Both the Dutch and British Ministries of Finance refused to comment on the issue officially.

The blockade came to light when members of the Icelandic Parliament attending a meeting in Brussels heard that European Union countries on the IMF board would not approve the loan until the issue of reimbursements to Icesave customers was solved.

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