Sterling lied all the way to the end

sterlingnewlogo_20080328_04Rulle Westergaard, ex public relations officer at the Danish low cost airline Sterling, says that the Sterling management lied all the way to the end and gave misleading information to the public.

Westergaard was fired two weeks before the Danish airline went bankrupt after denying sending out information from Sterling reporting that everything was alright and the financial crisis in Iceland was not affecting the airline.

Westergaard was directly under Reza Taleghani CEO of Sterling and she says that when she tried to explain the impact this would have for Sterling’s future reputation she was fired.

Westergaard says that Palmi Haraldsson owner of Sterling had not had any direct influence over her work and connection to the media; however he told her directly that the situation was serious.

Icelandic TV station Stod 2 reports

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