Sweden busts steroid doping ring

drugsA massive nationwide police sting netted 40 people from around Sweden who were allegedly part of a huge steroid doping ring. During the pre-dawn raids, police confiscated large amounts of weapons, ammunition, cash, and of course, steroids.

According to reports from The Local newspaper, dozens of steroid sales had been taking place in and around Stockholm. Police said the purchase and sale of the steroids were by people involved in the body building and fitness scene.

Par Langer of the Gavleborg police department stated, “There’s much to suggest that this is the biggest doping scandal to have ever taken place in Sweden.” The breakthrough came when police tracked down a 51 year-old man in Gayle, who is believed to be the ringleader of the doping gang.

“We found large quantities of doping drugs and we received signals that his sales basically encompassed the whole of Sweden and took place over the internet,” said Langer. Police used data taken from the suspect’s computer to root out other suspects across Sweden. Authorities are now interrogating all those whose names were found in connection with the doping ring.

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