Iceland Airwaves: Day four preview

airwaves-icelandair3Yes, it’s happened again: 24 of tonight’s 53 acts are marked as “must see” in my schedule. Like my younger attempts to break the sound barrier on a bicycle, it just ain’t gonna happen.

But some top picks would be:

Sudden Weather Change is a band I’ve heard good stuff about. An intelligent, lo-fi rock sound that draws appreciation, but not mad, crazy euphoria. Comparisons with Wold Parade, the Montreal band who played Airwaves two years ago, abound. And that wouldn’t be a bad thing in my opinion.

Playful Americans, Boy Crisis look set to rock totally. Their sexy, high energy approach to music leaves the listener breathless along with the band members. And the promise is of an unforgettable show that a DC can’t come close to equalling.

Boys in a Band come from the Faeroe Islands, and are causing a stir wherever they go these days. As their musical style is so diverse, the attention is well-deserved. In the style of a one-man-band, these guys could perhaps be described as a one-band-festival.

Whatever you do tonight, and whoever you do it to, please, have fun and stay safe.

Alëx, IceNews editor

Iceland Airwaves is supported by Visit Reykjavik, the city tourist board. “Reykjavik – Pure Energy” is their slogan, and their work has helped catapult the city into a veritable must visit attraction for tourists the world over. As well as the info centre at Ingólfstorg, the useful website can provide essential information and beautiful images at any time of day.