Iceland Airwaves: Day three preview

airwaves-icelandair2In something of a running theme, I seem to have highlighted 24 of tonight’s 53 as “must sees”. Once again, as per usual, there is not a cat’s chance in a dairy that I’ll get to see them all.

I would, therefore, recommend the following as a healthy dose of Friday night Airwaves:

Motion Boys – the electro 80s-esque feelgood duo, who always number at least four onstage. Motion Boys have made friends all over the musical spectrum from rockers to disco divas and everything in between. Their energy and enthusiasm onstage makes their live act that little bit extra special too.

Sprengjuhöllinn – the versatile rock band with the laid-back approach and a staunch following. A favourite on the Icelandic music scene.

Final Fantasy – a Toronto violinist that the rock crowd loves. Complicated and intricate layers of melodies and a likely Airwaves big splash.

And finally, These New Puritans – the British post-indie rock band with a clean sound and catchy guitars. This promises to be a good example of the genre in a bare, race car format.

Whatever you end up doing, and wherever you end up doing it – have a great Friday night!

Alëx, IceNews editor

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