Iceland Airwaves: Day two preview

airwaves-icelandair1As with yesterday, I have managed to mark 18 of tonight’s 34 acts as “must-see”. Something’s really gotta give there.

At a push, I would have to say the real “must sees” (in this hack’s opinion at least) are:

The Young Knives – a quite well-known British band renowned for their crowd pleasing brand of new wave indie punk.

Lay Low – Iceland’s best female solo artist, also celebrating the release of her new album today. Exciting times!

The accessible, laid back charm of Soundspell and their melodic Coldplay-esque ambience.

And Gus Gus- Iceland’s definitive dance act. World famous and long lived, with and endless stream of styles and members. This is a rare opportunity to hear techno mixed with thoughtful and gentle lyrics.

Enjoy day two!
Alëx, IceNews editor

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