Britain reconsiders assaults on Iceland

parliament1Icelandic TV Channel 2 informed that a letter was sent from Downing street 10 to the Icelandic Embassy last night. The cabinet of Gordon Brown sent a letter in which earlier statements have been considerably toned down.

The statement sent to the Ambassador of Iceland in London says that the terrorism law applied to Icelandic companies doing business in the UK only applied to Landsbanki (Icesave).

According to Sverrir Haukur Gunnlaugsson, the Ambassador of Iceland in UK, this letter indicates strongly that Gordon Brown is toning down his reactions.

Gunnlaugsson believes that this declaration will help Icelandic companies in the UK and also improve bilateral relationships.

“I have been an ambassador and working for the foreign ministry for 38 years and I have never experienced anything like what we went through over the last week,“ said Gunnlaugsson.

“Our phone system nearly had a meltdown and we had to deal with very angry Brits,“ he added.

Armed police now protects the Icelandic Embassy due to threats that have been made.

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