Young drivers behaving better in Iceland

teenagerA big reduction has been noted in the number of 17 and 18 year-old drivers in Iceland breaking traffic laws since a new law took effect offering driving bans and compulsory extra training to lawbreakers on provisional driving licences. reports that the findings were revealed at a meeting and press conference held jointly by the Public Health Institute of Iceland and Traffic Administration.

The laws on driving bans and special extra training came into force on 27 April last year and the Traffic Administration says that the results have surpassed even optimistic expectations.

According to law it is possible to ban a driver on a provisional licence if his/her conduct is at odds with the law and the rules of the road, or if he/she places him/herself or others in danger. It is also possible to serve a driving ban on young drivers with more than four points on their licences, which they are then not given back until the completion of extra driving training and passing their driving tests again.

After the law came into force, law breaking among drivers with provisional licences has reduced sharply. About 55 percent fewer drivers have been caught breaking the laws of the road than before the new laws. Prosecutions have reduced from 340 people to 153.

Also, young drivers getting up to four penalty points on their licences have reduced by 66 percent.