Norway sued by Iraqi Muslim over human rights violations

eu-flagThe founder of Ansar al-Islam, a radical Islamist organisation, has filed a lawsuit against Norway in Europe’s human rights court citing “inhuman treatment.” Mullah Krekar, who lives in Norway, is on a global list of known terrorists and as such cannot enjoy the same freedoms as other citizens of the Nordic nation, Middle East Times reports.

Krekar is an Iraqi Kurd who admits forming the fundamental Islamist group, but claims he has not been in charge since 2002. Krekar is on the UN list of terrorist groups and individuals, and has repeatedly publicly expressed his admiration of Osama bin Laden and the call for jihad in Iraq.

Several court hearings in Norway have concluded that Krekar should be deported from Norway, including the Supreme Court last November. Krekar is deemed to be a national security threat; but Norwegian law forbids anyone to be deported to their homeland if that country is in a dangerous state of crisis.

Brynjar Meling, Krekar’s lawyer, stated that “for nearly six years, my client has not been able to work, travel, or even pick up a package at the post office or open a bank account since he lacks any form of identification papers”.

Meling added, “We lodged a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg in April. The complaint is currently being handled.”

Meling contends that Norway has violated the European Convention on Human Rights under three different articles. While Norway’s government wants Krekar deported as soon as possible, it is ironically bound by its own laws that will not send someone “to an area where they risk being the victims of torture”.

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