Swedish men need sex toys to protect their rights

vikingSince June it has been possible to purchase sex toys in Apoteket, Sweden’s state-run pharmacy shops, reports The Local. But recently two men have reported Apoteket to the Equal Opportunities Ombudsman, JamO, for sexual discrimination.

The men say they feel insulted and excluded that the sex toys on offer are almost exclusively marketed towards women.

One of the men stated in his complaint that society “has a misguided and untrue view on sexuality where a woman with a dildo is seen as liberated, strong and independent, whereas a man with a blow up plastic vagina is viewed as disgusting and perverted.”

Eva Fernvall, Apoteket’s spokesman, defended the company, saying: “As I understand it, there are no products of good quality for men on the market. Should there be such products specifically for men, then there is nothing stopping us from selling them”.

JamO has already dismissed one of the compaints, saying that the issue does not count as sexual discrimination as the sale of the products is not restricted exclusively to women.

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