New software manages the production of giant cranes for the offshore industry

Hans Tørsleff management systems Danish Software Company manages the production of giant cranes for the offshore industry in Kristiansand (Norway), Singapore, China and Malaysia

Hans Tørsleff management systems has developed a solution that manages the production of giant cranes worldwide. The project started at Hydramarine which is located in Kristiansand, Norway and now the success continues in Singapore, where a similar solution is being implemented and after that the solution will be implemented in China and Malaysia.

Hans Tørsleff management systems has in cooperation with Columbus IT extended the financial solution Microsoft Dynamics AX, so that is also covers professional Project Management and can handle hundreds of projects and forecast the resources needed to produce all the projects.

Via barcode readers the actual hours spend on the different tasks are read back into the projects, making it possible for the project manager to keep close track of the progress on every project. Furthermore, management can get reports which show with what possibility the production is capable to deliver on time. Finally the solution solves the eternal challenge; “When can you start on a new project?” and “When can you deliver?”

The solution is unique and is an example of how you can utilize the web-service technology to link different applications providing the end-user with the best tool for the specific job.

Hans Tørsleff management systems started the development of the solution five years ago and has also experience from running upgrade programs (MLU etc.) on the Danish, Portuguese and American F16 fighter planes. The new order for Hans Tørsleff management system is until now the biggest order to the offshore sector.

The solution is financed by the world leading offshore supplier MacGregor, which have offices in more than 50 countries and produce and service offshore equipment in all parts of the world. Hans Tørsleff management systems considers this job as one of the company’s milestones in its more than 20 years long history and the company is looking forward to meeting the big demands the solution already has created.

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