Swedish amusement park accident injures 30

Scandinavia’s largest amusement park, Liseberg, suffered a damaging blow to its reputation when one of its rides collapsed, injuring 30 passengers. The Rainbow ride reportedly ejected several people from the compartment and crushed others when the seating platform tipped over on its side.

Malin Sahlstrom, a police spokeswoman for the western Swedish town of Goteborg where the accident happened, confirmed that 30 of the 36 people on board the Rainbow ride were taken to hospital. Injuries ranged from shock to broken bones, but there were no reports of life-threatening injuries.

The manager on duty at the time of the incident, Peter Andersson, believes the accident was caused by equipment malfunction. “As far as I know, it is a ball bearing that has slipped out of its holding,” he stated.

The Rainbow ride passed a safety check in the spring, Andersson explained, and nothing was found faulty at the time. Sweden’s National Board of Accident Investigation will begin an inquiry shortly.

Liseberg theme park has more than 30 rides, and is a hugely popular attraction with visitors coming from the whole Nordic region.