Is meat cheap under Danish rule?

photo-Olafur OlafssonOn a recent trip to Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, IceNews staff members took time out from their busy schedule to conduct some useful consumer research. The results were surprising to say the least.

Greenland and Iceland are both island nations which import large amounts, including food. Iceland is an independent nation, while Greenland is an internally self-governing nation within the Kingdom of Denmark – a situation Iceland was also in before declaring independence in 1944.

With its smaller population, cooler climate and extra distance from mainland Europe, Greenland is often considered more expensive than Iceland. But not when it comes to meat, apparently.

Comparing prices of beef in Nuuk’s Brugsen supermarket (a co-operative owned by local people) to those in Reykjavik’s Kronan low-cost supermarket, list prices and discount prices were both found to be consistently similar, with Nuuk slightly cheaper for some products.

Prices for whale meat and reindeer were also found to be relatively equal between the two cities.

IceNews would like to thank the reporters at Atuagagdliutit / Gronlandsposten for all their help and friendly advice in Nuuk.