Museums in South Iceland brought together

Museums in South IcelandA complete interactive listing of all the museums, galleries and multimedia exhibitions in South Iceland has been launched on the new travel website,

The huge area of South Iceland, with its few inhabitants and many sheep, does not immediately seem like prime museum territory – but the website begs to differ. Listings on the site exist for dozens of museums and galleries, and over 40 churches of interest.

One of South Iceland’s museum highlights is, most visitors agree, the popular Skogar folk Museum, which has flourished under imaginative management, and by being set in beautiful countryside near the iconic Skogarfoss waterfall.

Other notable South Iceland museums include the exciting ‘Ghost Centre’ and the Hvolsvollur Saga Centre. Visitors with children may be interested in a visit to the Slakki Farm Zoo and the Icelandic Wonders Museum.

More than just a list of museums, is a comprehensive guide to activities, accommodation and restaurants in south Iceland, among other things. The website is designed to be easily navigable and decorated with stunning photography. also provides an English language guide to the Icelandic horse, including where to ride them, where to buy things for them, and when horse shows are.

For more details on museums in the south of Iceland, visit