Krabi tours feed stomach and soul

Thai fishing villageHoliday tours to Krabi and the Andaman Sea region of Thailand have been popular with Scandinavian tourists for well over 30 years.

One of the highlights of a trip to Thailand is the legendary Thai cuisine, and Krabi based Andaman Camp and Cruise is now offering food-themed holidays from its rural base in southern Thailand.

“Our customers appreciate the chance to eat the type of food we eat, rather than food prepared especially for tourists” says Sun, head chef and owner at Andaman Camp and Cruise. “Although we do ask passengers in advance if there are any foods they don’t like or are allergic to, and how spicy they can eat, we encourage them to taste some local ingredients and try out our delicious Thai-style sweets,” he explains.

The idea behind Sun’s cooking is presenting the real flavours of southern Thailand to visitors from the West, instead of changing Thai food to suit Western tastes. Not only does he love cooking, but Sun also closely supervises the local daily food market to make sure he has only the freshest ingredients for his dishes. He is keen to share his food and cooking skills with anyone who has an interest in Thai food and a keen appetite.

Sun is the eldest of five siblings, but his sister was not born until he was well into his teens. By that time his mother had co-opted her eldest son as her kitchen hand, and taught him how to cook the curries and sauces of the Thai-Muslim tradition.

Andaman Camp and Cruise is a small, local enterprise specialising in Krabi tours and longer trips around the Andaman Sea in southern Thailand. The tour company has been exploring the coastal area for the last five years and specialises in tailor-made trips in the region.

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