World’s largest Icelandic horse show starts today

Icelandic horse showThe leading event in the world for Icelandic horses kicks off this week in Iceland, reports Icelandic travel website

The 18th ‘Landsmot,’ or Icelandic National Horse Show, will take place at Hella in South Iceland from 30th June to 6th July.

The biannual festival is the main equestrian event in Iceland and is globally recognised as the premiere show for Icelandic horses and Icelandic horse breeding. Various competitions will showcase the best horses in the country, from the classic Icelandic ‘gaedingakeppni’, to ‘tolt’ and racing competitions. was recently launched as a website for the travel industry in South Iceland and includes an extensive section on Icelandic horses. It covers everything from horse rentals and riding lessons to horse breeding and horse shows in southern Iceland.

The website also has extensive listings on accommodation, activities, attractions, restaurants and other events in the south of Iceland.

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